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item no.: 101113003001
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specification: 30 ml
functions:Fruity Scent


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product name: Anna Sui SECRET WISH
Eau de Toilette (30ml)
item no.: 101113003001 brand: Anna Sui
ative from: 2006-03-20 00:00:00 product size: 30 ml country of origin: Japan
function: Fruity Scent category: Eau De Toilette (EDT)



Anna Sui Secret Wish EDT is a fragrance of magical power. Close your eyes and wish. Anything is possible, once you release this enchanting essence of a fairytale...

A magical mix of sparkling summer fruits, romantic floral and earthy inspirations. Sparkling lemon, melon and apricot melt with mysterious black currant, cedarwood and sensual amber. A perfect refreshing fragrance to start a day.

how to use

Recommended for daytime causal wear. Apply on neck, back of the ears or pulse points after bathing or before going out.


Top: Lemon, melon, and tagete
Mid: Pineapple and blackcurrant
Base:Cedarwood, amber and musk

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