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item no.: 101177202001
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specification: 5 pair(s)
functions:All Skin TypeHydratingNourishingAnti-wrinkleAnti-puffinessAnti-eye BagsAnti-dark Circles


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product name: Hisamitsu LIFECELLA
Essence Sheet Mask (For Eye Contour) (Pre-sales) (5pair(s))
item no.: 101177202001 brand: Hisamitsu
ative from: 2005-12-23 00:00:00 product size: 5 pair(s) country of origin: Japan
function: All Skin TypeHydratingNourishingAnti-wrinkleAnti-puffinessAnti-eye BagsAnti-dark Circles category: Eye Mask



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Essence with Ceramide & Trehalose, this mask locks moisture around eye area. Hydrates your dry skin. Ceramide protects your eye area from irritation. Trehalose locks water inside skin to prevent dryness.

how to use

After washing or bathing, apply under eye for 5-15 minutes. Suggested to use 1-2 times a week or everyday.

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