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item no.: 101867803001
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product name: SCINIC Lip & Eye Remover (150ml) item no.: 101867803001 brand: SCINIC
ative from: 2006-05-18 00:00:00 product size: 150 ml country of origin: Korea
function: category: Lip/Eye Makeup Removal Water



Along with oil of plant ingredients such as olive oil and Macadamia Nuts Oil, this makeup removers is specially for the lip & eye that are dry and sensitive equipped with mild water cleansing ingredients, the lip & eye remover cleanses the dark point make-up simply and cleanly and it adds the moisture.

how to use

After shaking the container upwards and downwards before use. Don't shake too hard, otherwise oil layer may leak out when pumping. Open the cap the press and cover the pumping part with cosmetic cotton puffs. Cleanse the point make-up with cosmetic cotton.

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suitable for
all skin type / sensitive skin

all skin type / sensitive skin