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item no.: 102366504001
now: US$21.80
specification: 60 g
functions:Anti-wrinkleNourishingAnti-wrinkleFirmingSensitive SkinNourishingNourishingAnti WrinkleAnti-bacterialSoothing


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product name: Cherub Rubs Skin Balm (60g) item no.: 102366504001 brand: Cherub Rubs
ative from: 2007-03-27 00:00:00 product size: 60 g
function: Anti-wrinkleNourishingAnti-wrinkleFirmingSensitive SkinNourishingNourishingAnti WrinkleAnti-bacterialSoothing category: Hydrating Lotion



Soothe and protect chaffed bottoms and other skin areas. Calm and replenishes chaffed, reddened skin. Also suitable for adults who have sensitive skin.

Producer certified by Organic Food Chain, Australia

how to use

Apply to chapped skin in the nappy area, or on face and hands. Reapply as necessary.


*Chamomiles floral water, vegetable glycerine, Cetearyl alcohol, *coconut oil, *macadamia oil, *cocoa butter, *shea butter, *beeswax, citrus paradisi, sandalwood oil, apricot oil, chamomile oil, calendula infused oil, rosemary leaf extract

  • *=Certified Organic
  • Due to the high concentration of organic ingredients, there may be some variation between batches

suitable for
all skin type / sensitive skin

all skin type / sensitive skin