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item no.: 102383608001
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specification: 2x25 ml
functions:Lymphatic CirculationWaistAnti-water RetenionFirming


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product name: Methode Jeanne Piaubert EXPRESSLIM 8 Days Specific Slimming Gel for Love Handles (2x25ml) item no.: 102383608001 brand: Methode Jeanne Piaubert
ative from: 2007-04-11 00:00:00 product size: 2x25 ml
function: Lymphatic CirculationWaistAnti-water RetenionFirming category: Slimming Lotion/Cream /Oil



Gentlemen, make them melt! Chronobiology, a new experience for cells. Sugar! Losing tabs on those abs?

With the arrival of warm, sunny days, men become increasingly interested in what’s happening around the beltline. That is why the Méthode Jeanne Piaubert has decided for the first time to offer its expertise and know-how to men. EXPRESSLIM, the new supercharged anti-bulge treatment, fights relentlessly against love handles in just 8 days!

Designed for all those who want "Chrono abs" in 8 days flat, EXPRESSLIM is the first slimming care for men that guarantees a firm and toned abdominal wall.

  • In the morning 14 slimming active ingredients to fill up on energy: By day, LipodiurneTM, an enriched complex with a high concentration of slimming active ingredients, boosts and prolongs lipolysis while aiding muscle development by burning fat in the adipocyte. Since fat is located much closer to the muscles in men and men have a more developed muscle mass, this action is even more effective.
  • At night, tighten the belt! At night, LiponocturneTM, the new enriched complex of active ingredients, highly concentrated in lipo-proteinlipase inhibitors, works on lipogenesis, limits the number of adipocytes while preventing them from multiplying and neutralises fat entrance channels.

Fast results! In just 8 days Up to 5 cm off the love handles!*

  • Toner abs 76%
  • Slimmer waist 65%
And the results last even one month after stopping the product! Your own specific needs, your own targeted action, your own EXPRESSLIM !