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product name: Advanced Trimton Tritrim 1 (60piece) item no.: 102488302001 brand: Advanced Trimton
ative from: 2009-02-07 00:00:00 product size: 60 piece
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Tritrim - the most active-fast diet pill ,

Tritrim is a revolutionary supplement that successfully combines three
different scientific methodologies - Detoxification, Blocking, and Fat
Burning into one single process. Our scientists found a way to overcome
slimming constraint and control the timing of the active ingredients.

Tritrim delivers results
 As Tritrim is the first in the industry uses Appellet Capsule, a technology
used in specific drugs, to achieve timed release function on a single
capsule, which can then allow a complete slimming process. Tritrim’s
breakthrough takes an entirely new approach, and you will witness a whole
new slimming process in about 7 days.

how to use

People can use 1-2 pill 30 minutes before each meal, since the slimming effect is very strong, so people not advised to take more than 6 pills a day. Also, the ingredient of Tritrim are 100% natural, so there are so far no any known side effect found, and it is very safe for most people. (Except people who has special allergy to fruit or plant has to consult the doctor advice before any prescription.) Children, Pregnancy, Elderly, and People who have allergy to the formula, or have a long time illness, or have to take Chinese or Western medicine, they are unsuitable to take Tritrim.