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item no.: 102547001005
now: US$31.00
RRP: US$ 40.00
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product name: Chanel INIMITABLE
Multi-Dimensional Mascara (Waterproof) (5g) (10 Black)
item no.: 102547001005 brand: Chanel
ative from: 2008-06-25 00:00:00 product size: 5 g
function: CurlWaterproof category: Single Mascara


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item no.: 102547001005
10 Black
size: 5 g
now: US$ 31.0
RRP: US$ 40.00
save: 22.5%

Chanel Inimitable Multi-Dimensional Mascara (Waterproof)is formulated with innovative technology that provides an exceptional eyelash curling effect.

  • The bristles are evenly distributed and aligned. Their length has been optimized to coat, lengthen and curl each last to the perfect proportion.
  • Excellent brush quality allows for remarkably precise application.
  • Formula enriched with a mixture of polymers and ultra-fine fibers for greater lash curl and length, with a lasting effect.
  • Contains a blend of beeswax that coats lashes to boost their volume and shine.
With long and curly eyelashes in spectacular volume, your eyes look bigger than ever.

This product is highly recommended by the popular Taiwan Beauty Magazine “BEAUTY”.

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