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functions:Lymphatic CirculationBodyAnti-water RetenionFirmingDetox


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product name: la glace SLIMMING & FIRMING
Slimming Body Treatment Gel (#6) (100ml)
item no.: 102646404006 brand: la glace
ative from: 2009-05-14 00:00:00 product size: 100 ml
function: Lymphatic CirculationBodyAnti-water RetenionFirmingDetox category: Slimming Lotion/Cream /Oil



la glace Slimming Body Treatment Gel (#6) is a comprehensive self-heating treatment Gel helps to reduce fatty deposits and minimize skin puffy appearance. Concentrated Caffeine complexes with botanical extracts virtually can break up excessive water and eliminate subcutaneous fat, enhance the blood circulation movements, boost up metabolism, and also promoting the restitution of its elasticity; strengthening, tightening, moistening the skin tissues and redefining the silhouette.

  • No need to massage or wrapping!
  • This product distinguish into 3 grades of heats. Grade 4 is hot, 5 is medium hot and grade 6 is hotter.

Caution: Avoid use during pregnancy.

how to use

  • Used daily after a warm bath. Pump a small amount of the Gel on the attached spatula; use the spatula to apply on the problem areas; a warm feeling after application means the Gel is in activating the combustion of fat, this should last around 10-15 minutes. For best results, apply before or after la glace『Firming Body Treatment Gel』.


Capsicum, Caffeine, Horsetail Extract, Grapefruit Essential Oil