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product name: TOUS TOUS TOUCH
Eau de toilette miniature (Pre-sales) (4ml)
item no.: 102709403001 brand: TOUS
ative from: 2011-08-28 10:00:00 product size: 4 ml
function: category: Sample



***Shall your order contains any PRE-SALE item(s), the whole order will resume packing starting from 3-May according to your order create time***

The famous Spanish jewelry brand TOUS was established by one of the family members in 1920, and it has been a family business since then. In 1985 they have introduced a Teddy Bear as their brand trademark, series of accessories was launched and a lot of young ladies were attracted by the cuteness of the products. Shops were set up all over the world, including 2 in Hong Kong, the brand has various product range such as clothings, purse, stationery, sunglasses, leather shoes, etc.

The new fragrance TOUCH uses a superior gold-plated crystal glass bottle with the golden cute Teddy Bear provides a modern and elegant style. The main floral ingredient smell is especially suitable for ladies at work and social events.





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