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product name: Lam Kam Sang Heklin (80capsule(s)) item no.: 102854305001 brand: Lam Kam Sang
ative from: 2008-01-01 00:00:00 product size: 80 capsule(s) country of origin: Hong Kong
function: Women’s CarePain Reliever category: Traditional Chinese Supplement



Lam Kam Sang Heklin is manufactured in accordance with the precious prescription of Chinese raw herbs. Lam Kam Sang Heklin cures various headaches such as migraines (headache caused by blood vessel disease), tense headache (muscular headache), all long term & chronical headaches caused by long-term spiritual pressure, depression, anger, repeated colds, head injury, disorder of function during menstruation, postpartum disorder, family inheritance and other unknown causes.

For prevention, Lam Kam Sang Heklin can improve health, invigorate the brain and strengthen memories if taken frequently. Mental fatigue can be dispelled in 30 minutes after taking Lam Kam Sang Heklin. It is especially effective for the busy people and undergraduates, improving their working and learning abilities. Lam Kam Sang Heklin is also effective in preventing apoplexy and lessening symptoms of alzheimer's disease etc.


Case 1:

Ms Y, 40 years old, Case No. Yx. She complained of intermittent pain in the temples for 15 years. She visited many doctors, both western and Chinese, but was unable to find any lasting relief from her suffering. This pain had become even more severe over last two years, sometimes lasting all day long until she fell asleep. The pain involved most areas of her head and made her loose interest in the enjoyment of life. She stated the headaches first began following a cold after giving birth to her baby. Diagnosis: Migraine. Heklin® was prescribed and after taking the medicine for 7 days, all the pain subsided. Only a slight feeling of fullness in the head remained. Upon completion of the 25-day course of Heklin® treatment, all the symptoms disappeared. She elected to take the medicine for another 10 days to ensure the long term beneficial effects and no relapse has ever observed in follow-up visits.

Case 2:

Mr Zxx, 37 years old,Case No: C-15XX, with complaints of severe, intractable headaches for 17 years. Initially, the pain was noted on the left side but in the last five years had shifted mainly to the right side of the cranium. Daily headaches began at seven o’clock in the morning and were only aided with a double dosage of anodyne containing morphine three times a day to stop the pain. He visited many doctors without finding any significant relief or improvement. Diagnosis: Migraine. Heklin® was prescribed three times a day. After 15 days of treatment, he stopped using western anodyne. Only the feeling of ‘swelling’ remained in the head. When the 35-day course of Heklin® treatment was completed, all the symptoms had disappeared. He took the medicine for another 10 days to enhance the beneficial effects of the treatment and no relapse was ever noted in follow up.

how to use

Effective: 2-3 bottles
Courses of Treatment: 30-60 Days

To be taken with water after meals. 8 tablets each time, twice daily. Improvement can be observed after 10–15 days of treatment and headaches can be cured in 60-90 days.


White Chrysanthemum, Ligusticum Wallichii, Paconia Lachiflora, Marine Pearl. (Each capsule contains 430mg extract of the mentioned Chinese raw herbs)

country of origin

Hong Kong