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product name: Akiku ESSENTIAL OILS
Essential Oil (Organic Ylang Ylang) (5ml)
item no.: 102862603024 brand: Akiku
ative from: 2010-01-13 00:00:00 product size: 5 ml
function: Firming category: Aromatherapy



Akiku Essential Oil (Organic Ylang Ylang) has a fresh, floral, sweet with slightly fruity scent, giving a fragrant yet delicate touch to the aroma. The oil is considered to have aphrodisiac properties yet its aromatherapy uses are generally indicated for stress-related disorders such as nervous tension, depression, insomnia.

how to use

Possible Uses: Anxiety, depression, frigidity, palpitations, stress, oily or irritated skin, high blood pressure, intestinal infections, imbalanced hormones, insomnia, nervous tension, low self-esteem, euphoria, creativity, sensuality, deep relaxation, support to the nervous system, harmony

Vaporization: Add 6-9 drops of Akiku Essential oil to the water in your vaporizer. Light the candle under the vaporizer and let the aroma slowly fill the room.

Skin product: Essential oils should be added to vegetable carrier oils, lotion / cream base or aloe Vera gel base. Add a total of 12-15 drops of your favorite Akiku essential oils to every 30ml of the Akiku base product and create your own personal care collection.

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