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product name: Marina de Bourbon REVERENCE
Eau de parfum Miniature (7.5ml)
item no.: 102866002001 brand: Marina de Bourbon
ative from: 2011-08-28 00:00:00 product size: 7.5 ml
function: category: fragrance minis


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French Princess Marina, from the sixteenth century (BOURBON), has introduced her own brand and a new women fragrance was launched in year 2007 - the REVERENCE. Its design is based on elegance and luxurious. A magnificent golden bottle with a classic European carved pattern shows a perfect style from the French Royal.

REVERENCE has a meaning of when men have their knees down inviting their ladies for a dance during a Royal ball; This represents a joyful dancing period. The fragrance has used a French luxurious rose as its main ingredient, providing an elegant and charming taste. It is suitable for use in events, and it could also be a great choice to be delivered as a gift.




Jasmine tea

Red rose