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item no.: 102877504001
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specification: 20 ml
functions:Anti-dark CirclesAnti-puffinessNourishingAnti-eye BagsAnti-wrinkleHydrating


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product name: La Prairie CAVIAR COLLECTION
Luxe Eye Lift Cream (20ml)
item no.: 102877504001 brand: La Prairie
ative from: 2008-03-25 00:00:00 product size: 20 ml
function: Anti-dark CirclesAnti-puffinessNourishingAnti-eye BagsAnti-wrinkleHydrating category: Eye Cream



Discover the secret of ageless eyes!

Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream is an Ultra Luxe addition to La Prairie’s Caviar Collection. This luxurious new treatment targets the 7 most prominent eye area agers: fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness, loss of elasticity, puffiness, dark circles and dryness.

Uniquely formulated with Caviar Extracts and a new bio-polymer protein, Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream uses a cross-linking technology and forms a lasting and smooth film, helping to firm, lift and restore skin’s youthful appearance.

Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream also contains La Prairie’s exclusive Cellular Complex that helps stimulate the skin’s natural repair process, moisturizing and energizing with nutrients that encourage optimal functioning.

how to use

Morning and evening, apply La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Lift Cream to under-eye area, continuing over top of the eye lid and along the brow bone upwards to eye brows, including the “frown” area between the brows. Avoid getting into eyes.

suitable for
mature skin

mature skin