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item no.: 102891202001
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specification: 120 capsule(s)
functions:WhiteningMetabolismWomen’s CareImmunoregulatoryHydratingAnti-oxidizingResillient


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product name: Bill Natural Sources BEAUTY ANTI-AGING
Lamb Placenta (120capsule(s))
item no.: 102891202001 brand: Bill Natural Sources
ative from: 2008-02-27 00:00:00 product size: 120 capsule(s) country of origin: Canada
function: WhiteningMetabolismWomen’s CareImmunoregulatoryHydratingAnti-oxidizingResillient category: Beauty Supplement 



Restore skin suppleness & natural glow

Lamb Placenta is one of the richest sources of nutrients and a co-factor of the immune system that provides special proteins, containing 30 different amino acids, aiding the growth of healthy fetus and the regulation of hormone secretions.

Bill Natural Sources Lamb Placenta is an extraordinary beauty and nutritional supplement that helps regain skin elasticity, making you free from the cruel signs of aging.


  • Regenerate dermal tissue and regain skin springiness and suppleness
  • Transport active substances into skin to protect the celluar membrance from free radical-induced damages while moisturizing
  • Accelerate the regeneration of new skin cells, making skin soft and supple with a natural glow again.

how to use

Adults take 1 capsule, twice daily, preferably after meal.
It will take the first two months to develop a healing process for skin while taking another three to four months to achieve younger-looking skin.

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