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item no.: 103018906001
now: US$17.50
specification: 5 piece
functions:Anti-oxidizingNourishingHydrating BrighteningFirmingAnti-wrinkle


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product name: Hisamitsu LIFECELLA
Milky Lotion Sheet Mask CoQ10 Squalane (5piece)
item no.: 103018906001 brand: Hisamitsu
ative from: 2008-05-09 00:00:00 product size: 5 piece country of origin: Japan
function: Anti-oxidizingNourishingHydrating BrighteningFirmingAnti-wrinkle category: Paper Mask



Hisamitsu Lifecella Milky Lotion Sheet Mask CoQ10 Squalane occurs a thin layer of protection; leave skin smooth, supple & full of vitality.

  • With high moisturizing & oil balancing performance delicated for eye regions, it effectively balances the water-to-oil ratio.
  • It contains coenzyme Q10 anti-ageing ingredients and squalane in soft emlusion texture, which efficiently penetrates and being absorbed by the skin, and preserve the replenished skin moisture from further loss, leaving your eye regions supple and moisture rich.
  • Made of 100% soft cotton sheets, gives you a soft, comfortable and mild feeling.

This product is highly recommended by the famous TV show “WQueen”.

how to use

  • 1) Tear open the sachet, and take out the mask
  • 2) Open the mask
  • 3) Place on face gently
  • 4) Enjoy the relaxing feel of the mask on your face. Use it for 5 minutes, longer if you feel like it.
  • 5) Discard mask after use. Wipe off the extra mask juice on your face with cotton wool or tissue, if needed
For best result: Use after shower/bath. Suggest to using once to twice for a week, everyday for better result.


coenzyme Q10: anti-ageing ingredients in every cell, body contains the most during 20s and dramatically fall after 40s.

  • Squalane: close to body needs, easy for absorbing and moisturizing skin.

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    suitable for
    all skin type

    all skin type