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product name: Advance Pharmaceutical Vitamin C Orange Flavored Chewable Tablet (100piece) item no.: 103058403001 brand: Advance Pharmaceutical
ative from: 2008-04-26 00:00:00 product size: 100 piece country of origin: Hong Kong
function: Fatigue category: Western Supplement



Vitamin C Orange Flavored Chewable Tablet from Advance Pharmaceutical provides human body with Vitamin C needed daily to prevent illnesses associated with Vitamin C deficiency.

Vitamin C Orange Flavored Chewable Tablet is a sugar free formulation using sorbitol as the sweetening agent. Unlike sugar, sorbitol provides the benefits of lower calories and is tooth friendly.

It allows kids enjoy their favorite Vitamin C in a healthy way. Suitable for diabetics also.

  • Enhances body immunity against symptoms of cold and flu
  • Helps recover from illness

how to use

Adult: 1 tablet, 2 times a day (chewable)
Children: 1 tablet a day (chewable)


Each tablet contains Vitamin C 250mg (From Ascorbic Acid & Sodium Ascorbate)

country of origin

Hong Kong