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product name: de herbs AROMATIC HAND & FEET CARE
Lavender Love (250ml)
item no.: 103162302001 brand: de herbs
ative from: 2008-07-01 00:00:00 product size: 250 ml
function: HydratingWhiteningNourishingAnti-wrinkle category: Hand Cream



de herbs Lavender Love – Aromatic Hand Care is an unique hand cream, to give a perfect touch and feel to your hands. It protects and moisturizes hands against dryness, shields against UVA and UVB, helps lightening skin, soften and keeps skin healthy, sooths inflammation and slows the development of wrinkles. The refreshing scent of lavender helps relaxing stress and relieving anxiety.

how to use

Apply a small amount to hands, and massage into hands until fully absorbed. Re-apply as required throughout the day.
Avoid contact with eye areas, if it does, please rinse out immediately. Keep out the reach of children. For external use only, if allergy occurs, stop using it immediately. Store it in a cool place.
Avoid use during pregnancy