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item no.: 103236166001
now: US$81.90
RRP: US$ 96.00
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functions:Hydrating NourishingFirmingWhitening


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product name: Kose Medicated Sekkisei SEKKISEI SUPREME
Refining Lotion I (Fresh) (400ml)
item no.: 103236166001 brand: Kose Medicated Sekkisei
ative from: 2009-09-04 00:00:00 product size: 400 ml country of origin: Japan
function: Hydrating NourishingFirmingWhitening category: Comforting Toner


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item no.: 103236166001
size: 400 ml
now: US$ 81.9
RRP: US$ 96.00
save: 14.7%

Kose SEKKISEI SUPREME Refining Lotion could be absorbed by skin very easily and quickly, allowing smooth, fine and white skin.

  • It cures injured or aged skin caused by UV or pressure. Dry skin is restored to healthy skin.
  • Sekkisei’s Chinese-Japanese medical formula: extracts of Melothria, extracts of Polygonum tinctorium, extracts of Coix, extracts of Angelica sinensis. It depresses the formation of melanin, preventing freckles and spots. It hydrates dry and rough skin and removes dullness for translucent skin.
  • Light fragrance comforts and relieves skin.

how to use

Apply a proper amount to a cotton pad. Pat over cleansed face.


Moisturizing ingredients:

  • Melothria Extract HC
  • Adlay Extract
  • Angelica Extract
  • Glycerin
  • Ai-Luros Extract
  • Adlay Water
  • Witch Hazel Extract

country of origin


suitable for
dry and delicate skin / normal skin

dry and delicate skin / normal skin