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specification: 50 ml
functions:Oil ControlNourishingWhiteningHydrating 


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Clear Moisturizer (50ml)
item no.: 103755405001 brand: SUISSE PROGRAMME
ative from: 2010-06-14 00:00:00 product size: 50 ml
function: Oil ControlNourishingWhiteningHydrating  category: Moisturizing Milk



With an ultra-light, fast-absorbing cream-gel texture, Suisse Programme Hydra Solution Clear Moisturizer is recommended for combination and oily skin. It works to restore pH balance to your skin as it reactivates the skin’s natural hydration mechanism, a process that declines with age.

  • Swiss Pore Diminishing Technology delivers extracts of rare Alpine flowers to give your complexion a smooth, matt appearance and leave the skin feeling fresh, light and perfectly clear.
  • Exclusive Hydro-Intelligent System derived from desert flora provides 24 hour continuous rehydration of the skin cells and helps prevent premature ageing. It visibly reduces fine lines and instantly restores your skin’s freshness and serenity.
  • A rich blend of nature’s most effective skin brightener, Vitamin C and apples serum, leaves your skin incredibly clear, radiant and even-toned.

how to use

Apply every morning or evening to thoroughly cleansed face and neck after the Hydrating Concentrate.

suitable for
oily and acne skin / combination skin

oily and acne skin / combination skin