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product name: Yanagiya Hair Cream Jennos Bayu (Horse Oil) (140g) item no.: 103930406001 brand: Yanagiya
ative from: 2009-07-29 00:00:00 product size: 140 g country of origin: Japan
function: category: Conditioner



Yanagiya PREXCEED Hair Cream Jennos Bayu (Horse Oil) contains horse oil, a natural moisturizing ingredient which is very popular in Japan. It replenishes and repairs damaged hair, meanwhile protecting hair from irritation. It is strongly recommended by the Japanese magazines as a hot item!

how to use

Apply an appropriate amount on hair according to your hair length.
1. To cope with dull hair: Apply on hair thoroughly, leaving it smooth and radiant.
2. To cope with tangled and dry hair: Apply on the target areas and comb your hair.
3. To cope with frizzy hair in the morning: Apply before going to bed at night on a semi-dry hair.


1. Horse Oil: Contains rich unsaturated fatty acids like Linoleic Acid, which provide a water-binding function, leaving hair supple and radiant with a non greasy texture.
2. Pearl Protein: Repairs hair from within, leaving hair smooth and supple.
3. Trehalose derivative: Instantly replenishes and nourishes hair.

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