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item no.: 104010602001
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functions:WhiteningBrighteningBlackhead RemovingHydrating NourishingPore Minimizing


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product name: O'slee ROSEHIP
Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III (100ml)
item no.: 104010602001 brand: O'slee
ative from: 2009-08-19 00:00:00 product size: 100 ml
function: WhiteningBrighteningBlackhead RemovingHydrating NourishingPore Minimizing category: Comforting Toner


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item no.: 104010602001
size: 100 ml
now: US$ 11.6
RRP: US$ 12.90
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Extra Moisturizing

Extra Whitening

7 Enhanced skin care benefits:

  • 1. Extra Moisturizing : Increase and retain skin moisture. Regulate the balance of moisture and oil level of skin

  • 2. Extra Whitening: Reduce pigmentation, spots and make skin translucent white

  • 3. UV- Oxi Protection : Reduce skin oxidation by neutralizing free radicals produced by UV Rays

  • 4. Pore-Refining & Black Head Reducing: Promote skin revitalization and minimize pores. Purify residues and reduce the formation of blackheads

  • 5. Enhance Absorption Ability: Soften and remove corneous dead cells. Optimize skin absorption ability.

  • 6. Multi-function - Soak a cotton pad with Rosehip Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III and gently place over the face or apply on the whole body after shower.

  • 7. Relaxing - Natural rose scent offers relaxing feeling



how to use

How to use for multi-function?

  • Toning : Use after cleansed as toner day and night
  • Make-up Base: Apply before wearing make-up
  • Soothing: Apply on sensitive skin to give a soothing effect
  • Deep Moisturizing : Soak a cotton pad with Rosehip Beauty Solution and gently place over the face. Remove after 5 minutes
  • Body Lotion :Apply on the whole body after shower