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Shiny Pearl Water Drop Beblesh Balm (43.5g)
item no.: 104061502001 brand: SKIN79
ative from: 2009-10-09 00:00:00 product size: 43.5 g
function: Concealing category: BB Cream 



Skin 79 Shiny Pearl Water Drop Beblesh Balm is endowed with a high content of mineral water to perform perfect skin texture and dewy makeup finish. It features the following benefits:

  • It leaves skin velvety smooth all day long.
  • It performs dewy skin with pearly glow.
  • It contains 8 botanical extracts to protect and vitalize troubled skin.
  • It contains a high content of the Alps Ice Water for a cool sensation.

how to use

Suggested skin care routine: cleanser>toner>lotion>Shiny Pearl Water Drop Beblesh Balm
Apply a proper amount. Blend it evenly to entire face. For areas with enlarged pores or blemish, tip the cream on troubled points for better concealing effect. Afterwards, you may apply loose powder or foundation for a long-lasting nude makeup look.


  • 3-D Powder: It absorbs excess sebum, leaving skin smooth and matt.
  • The Alps Ice Water: It is taken from the Alps River Water, allowing cool sensation.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate: It repairs and protects damaged skin.
  • Chinese Herb Extract: It repairs and protects damaged skin.
  • 8 botanical extracts: They provide skin with essential nutrients and proper protection.