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item no.: 104064403001
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specification: 30 ml
functions:BrighteningHydrating Anti-oxidizingFirmingPore MinimizingNourishing


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product name: La Prairie CELLULAR
Skin Caviar Crystalline Concentrate (30ml)
item no.: 104064403001 brand: La Prairie
ative from: 2010-08-31 00:00:00 product size: 30 ml
function: BrighteningHydrating Anti-oxidizingFirmingPore MinimizingNourishing category: Essence



La Prairie Caviar Collection Skin Caviar Crystalline Concentrate exclusive Cellular Complex help stimulate the skin’s natural repair process, moisturizing and energizing with nutrients that encourage optimal functioning. It is also enriched with plumping ingredients -- including potent peptides and Asian root extracts -- stimulates collagen production to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Skin Caviar Crystalline Concentrate represents the quintessential formulation of a nutrient rich serum that Re-firms, Re-plumps, and Re-ignites luminosity in your skin from the inside. It helps rediscover what time has taken away.

how to use

Use at night.

  1. Pump 2-3 pea-sized drops to palm.
  2. Apply gently over cleansed face using circular motions until fully absorbed.
  3. Follow with moisturizer.


    『Caviar extract』: Firm and thicken the skin, regenerate collagen for firmer skin.
  • 『Licorice Extract』: Anti-Oxidant. Calming skin and minimizing pores for firmer skin.
  • 『Horsetail Extract』: improving circulation and rejuvenating the connective cell structure, softening and smoothing effect on the skin
  • 『Glycerin』:Powerful Moisturizing agent for moisture replenishment for skin.
  • 『Diamond, mica and quartz crystals』: Smooth and illuminate skin for the ultimate radiance, inhibit pigmentation.