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product name: SAYA Slim in Cleaning (7piece) item no.: 104096105001 brand: SAYA
ative from: 2009-10-02 00:00:00 product size: 7 piece country of origin: Hong Kong
function: HydratingDetox category: Slimming Food



Burning fat effectively for whole body

Activate thin muscular tissue

100% natural ingredient

Green apple taste

Burning Fat + Expulsion of Toxin + Loss of Weight + Oil Separation Co Q10 (Green Apple)

  • Relieve recurrent constipation
  • Reduce lipid deposition beneath the abdomen
  • Weight-loss
  • 100% Natural

    Co Q10 (Green Apple) helps you to accomplish three important goals:

    1. Anti-oxidant:Coenzyme Q10 is anti-oxidant element that helps to keep the skin young and healthy. However, since the age of 20, our body production of Q10 is sustainably decreased. Therefore, in order to have firm and moistened skin, we should have a sufficient supplement of Q10.

    2. Skin Whitening:Coenzyme Q10 effectively fights against free-radicals, vitalizes skin cells and restores the suppleness of skin.

    3. Improve Intestine Digestion: Papain (papaya enzyme) quickly dissolves body fat and helps to ease the pain suffered by intestines due to poor digestion.

how to use

Suggested Courses:

  • Complete Cleansing - Take 2 sticks a day for 2 months; take it before breakfast, lunch or dinner for best results. Carry out 2-3 Complete Cleansing courses annually for maintaining a healthy digestion system.
  • Healthy Maintenance - Take 1 stick before breakfast daily. After the Complete Cleansing course, follow with the Healthy Maintenance; this will prevent excessive fat deposition, Oedema and Dropsy effectively.
  • 7 Days Cleansing - Take 1 stick before breakfast daily for 7 days every month. You can also choose to carry out 7 Days Cleansing after Complete Cleansing course to maintain a healthy digestive system.

Caution :
1. Please store it in cool area, avoid direct exposure to sunlight.
2. Consume the products as soon as possible after opening.
3. Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women, chronic patients and people on regular medication.
4. If you feel uncomfortable after consuming the product, please stop continuously taking it and see a doctor immediately.


Lactobacteria, Papain, Phaseolus Vulgaris Extract, Garcinia Cambogia Extract(HCA), Water Soluble Fiber, Green Apple Extract, Co Q10 and the other natural ingredients.

country of origin

Hong Kong