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product name: Avance Lash Serum-UP (10ml) item no.: 104101403001 brand: Avance
ative from: 2009-10-23 00:00:00 product size: 10 ml country of origin: Japan
function: WaterproofLongVolumeCurl category: Eyelash Conditioner



AVANCÉ Lash Serum-UP containsydroxy propyl chitosan and Silk Extract that form a soft firm on lashes. Your lashes become more elastic and therefore could be curled up easily.

It repairs damaged lashes, leaving lashes healthy and beautiful-looking.

Pro-longed use enables volume lash.

Quick-dry formula makes it possible to be mascara base.

how to use

Use in the morning and evening. Apply to cleanse lashes from the roots to the ends. You may use before the application of mascara. Remember to apply mascara after the serum is dry.


Nourishing ingredients: Japanese Medlar Leaf Extract, Takanaru, Pro-vitamin B5
Hydrating ingredients: Yuzi Extract Silk Extract

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