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item no.: 104146011006
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specification: 6 piece


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product name: Lucky Trendy Loose Curler (Small) (6piece) item no.: 104146011006 brand: Lucky Trendy
ative from: 2010-11-30 00:00:00 product size: 6 piece
function: category: Comb



LUCKY Loose Curler (Small) enables you to create the airy curly hair by yourself even without perm. The curly look could be washed away easily so that you may have different styles according to your mood!

how to use

  1. At night, shampoo hair and dry with hairdryer. Bind a tuft of hair and pass the end of hair through the slit of the loose curler rod.
  2. Make sure it firmly clips the hair. Then roll upwards.
  3. Roll until the appropriate position, then buckle up the rod.
  4. Go to bed as usual. You may have the curly hair style in the following morning.
  5. Use styling spray if necessary.