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item no.: 104191003001
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specification: 30 capsule(s)
functions:Women’s CareResillientMetabolismWhitening


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product name: DHC Adlay Extract (30capsule(s)) item no.: 104191003001 brand: DHC
ative from: 2009-12-21 00:00:00 product size: 30 capsule(s) country of origin: Japan
function: Women’s CareResillientMetabolismWhitening category: Beauty Supplement 



DHC Adlay Extract is enriched with nutrients like Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin E, Protein, Calcium, Iron and Dietary Fiber, providing richer and more diversified nutrients than wheat and rice. It helps whiten and sooth fatigue skin. Serve solely or with drinks.

Content: 30 capsules, 515 mg for each capsule (30-day consumption)

how to use

Suggested intake: 1 capsule daily. Serve with water.


Adlay Extract Powder, Vegetable Oil containing Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Beeswax, Glycerine Fatty Acid Ester, Gelatin, Glycerin

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