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item no.: 104213602005
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specification: 5 piece
functions:Anti-puffinessNourishingHydratingAnti-dark CirclesAnti-eye Bags


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product name: Kao Steam Eye Mask , Rose Scent (5 pcs) (5piece) item no.: 104213602005 brand: Kao
ative from: 2011-11-30 00:00:00 product size: 5 piece country of origin: Japan
function: Anti-puffinessNourishingHydratingAnti-dark CirclesAnti-eye Bags category: Sleeping Eye Mask



Kao Steam Hot Eye Mask (Rose scent) is made specially for relaxing your eyes.

This is made with elastic material which can fit to you easily.

This Kao Steam Hot Eye Mask help to relax your eyes by providing a mild
warm steam (about 40 degree) and Camomile and Gigner's natural essential
oil directly to your eyes.

how to use

Tear off along the dotted line on the back of the mask.

Wear the mask. Gradually, you will feel warmth.

Close youreyes when using the mask so as to relieve tired eyes with the help ofthe warmth of steam.

Wait for 10 -15 minutes before taking it off.

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