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item no.: 104245408001
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product name: Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban (Perfect Cap) (1piece) item no.: 104245408001 brand: Kai
ative from: 2010-04-30 00:00:00 product size: 1 piece
function: category: Headwear



Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban (Perfect Cap) is made of micro-fiber textile. With more and denser intervals in between, it absorbs water more quickly and effectively.

Dampened hair is so delicate that it may be damaged as rubbed by towel or under hair dryer, resulting in dull, rough and rigid hair.

Kai Ultra Absorbent Turban not only dries up the wet hair, but also wraps your fringe so that you can put on makeup and dress up more easily.

how to use

Put the turban around the neck. Slip towards your forehead and bind your fringe and hair.