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item no.: 104277602003
now: US$36.00
specification: 1 pair(s)
functions:Lower LegFirmingThighDetoxAnti-water RetenionLymphatic Circulation


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product name: SCHOLL MediQtto Sleeping Socks L (1pair(s)) item no.: 104277602003 brand: SCHOLL
ative from: 2009-12-09 00:00:00 product size: 1 pair(s) country of origin: England
function: Lower LegFirmingThighDetoxAnti-water RetenionLymphatic Circulation category: Socks



SCHOLL MediQtto Sleeping Socks is the glad tidings to those who long for beautiful legs!
Modern women are always worried by swollen, fatigue legs as they are required to stand or sit for a long time while working. What’s more, inappropriate posture in daily life even worsens the problem as it may lead to poor blood circulation.
Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks is an innovative slimming tool that relieves leg dropsy during nighttime for a perfect leg shape!
Grounding on the ergonomic theory, Dr. Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks are endowed with partial pressure system in order to improve blood circulation. Dropsy is therefore alleviated while fatigue is relieved. The line of legs is redefined. In the following morning, your legs feel light and relaxed. The test launched by the Japan Nagoya University proved that it works to slim up your legs by 4mm in average. (*Attention: It is the research data provided by the Japan Nagoya University. The effectiveness may vary from one person to another.)
As the open-toe socks are made of high quality and highly resilient garment, you do not feel sultry or annoyed while sleeping. The fancy blend of lavender color and light pink fascinates every gal!
Dr. Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks is the hottest item in Japan. It made a remarkable sales volume in last September: 300000 pairs were sold!

M size: for those with height around 150-160cm, calf measurement around 30-38cm, ankle measurement around 19-23cm and feet length around 22-24cm.
L size: for those with height around 155-165cm, calf measurement around 34-42cm, ankle measurement around 21-25cm and feet length around 23-25cm.

Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks

Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks Scholl MediQtto Sleeping Socks

how to use

How to wear:
Take off your rings before putting on the MediQtto Sleeping Socks. File your nails smooth if necessary. As the socks are very tight, pull up the socks slowly.

  1. Slip your toes through the sock. Tug the sock upwards.
  2. While tugging the sock, make sure the Pressure Pad under the heel is in position.
  3. Then adjust the Pressure Pad on the knee. Make sure the lined garment along the inner thigh is straight-lined and tugged up.
  4. Tug upward till your thigh.

Wear before sleeping. Take off in the following morning.
You may feel pressed or tight first you put on the socks. If you feel very uncomfortable, take off at once. Try wearing the socks few days later.

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