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product name: Hirudoid Hirudoid Forte Cream 40g (40g) item no.: 104317703001 brand: Hirudoid
ative from: 2010-02-23 00:00:00 product size: 40 g
function: NourishingDetox category: Ointment


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Specially Formulated for Pressure and Heavy legs
Relieves Discomfort from Varicose Veins Symptoms

84% users reported freedom of tiring, swelling, heavy and painful legs in 14 days

  • Clinically proven MPS formulation to alleviate the sensation of tension, pain and swelling of legs.

  • Speedy penetration into the skin to improve blood circulation and prevent rapid relief from thrombophlebitis in legs.

  • Pleasant smell. A perfect auxiliary to pressure stockings.

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how to use

3 – 5 cm of cream should be applied to or gently massaged into the affected area twice daily.