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Megacurl Mascara (Volumizing & Curling) (Pre-sales) (6g) (Black)
item no.: 104373304012 brand: CYBER COLORS
ative from: 2010-06-29 00:00:00 product size: 6 g country of origin: Italy
function: Curl category: Single Mascara



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Cyber Colors Megacurl Mascara instantly create a curling fan-out eyelashes, up to 6 times thicker, with a beautiful lasting shape, your eyes will look increasingly attractive. Megacurl Mascara’s original Double Magic lash comb can make perfect lash curl in just a few strokes. Finely comb brush head design allows you to have clear and bushy eyelashes; with the very fine hair brush, eyelashes will fan-out without clumps and clogs even with repeated application, giving you the perfect eyes make-up that last for a day!
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how to use

Sweep gently from the roots of upper eyelashes to the tips with the side of mascara brush. Sweep vertically on lower eyelashes with the tip of mascara brush.

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