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specification: 10 piece
functions:Black SugarAnti-water RetenionMetabolismDetoxImmunoregulatoryWomen’s Care


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product name: Ankang Okinawa Brown Sugar Ginger Tea (10piece) item no.: 104523403001 brand: Ankang
ative from: 2010-06-30 00:00:00 product size: 10 piece country of origin: Hong Kong
function: Black SugarAnti-water RetenionMetabolismDetoxImmunoregulatoryWomen’s Care category: Traditional Chinese Supplement



Ankang Okinawa Brown Sugar Ginger Tea is a vegetarian product, it is effective in warming stomach, strengthening vital energy and expelling cold. Ginger is pungent in flavor and warm in nature, it can warm the body, promote sweating, stop vomiting, soothe the toxins, promote blood circulation and expel wind and cold. In the production, Okinawa Brown Sugar and Ginger are treated with boiling process, the key ingredient ‘Gingerol’ is extracted and the extract will be concentrated by vacuum extraction finally.
This product enhances the blood and qi circulation for the whole body. It contains high level of iron and calcium elements, would be beneficial to invigorate and nourish the vital energy.

how to use

Use 200cc of hot water and stir it well.


Ginger, Okinawa Brown Sugar

country of origin

Hong Kong