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item no.: 104540113001
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specification: 50 g
functions:Hydrating Anti-oxidizingBlackhead RemovingDark Spots RemovingBrighteningWhitening


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product name: Kose RICELL WHITE
Essence Cream (50g)
item no.: 104540113001 brand: Kose
ative from: 2010-06-30 00:00:00 product size: 50 g country of origin: Japan
function: Hydrating Anti-oxidizingBlackhead RemovingDark Spots RemovingBrighteningWhitening category: Moisturizing Milk



Kose Ricell White Essence White is a lotion that is blended with high-purity active long-lasting vitamin C. Suppressing the production of melanin, prevents freckles age spots, skin restores to its luminous glow.
Special formula allows high penetration of nutrient deep into skin layer, as well as protects your skin against UV damage and support skin structure. The medicated essence, once apply, is like an invisible shield to retain water under skin, giving your skin all-day hydration, your skin will feel supple and moistened.

how to use

  1. Wash your face with cleanser.
  2. Take appropriate amount onto your palm.
  3. Massage onto your cleansed face and neck using circular motions until fully absorbed.

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suitable for
all skin type

all skin type