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item no.: 104605405001
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product name: Lancome HYDRA ZEN
Eye Contour Gel Cream (15ml)
item no.: 104605405001 brand: Lancome
ative from: 2010-08-31 00:00:00 product size: 15 ml
function: NourishingAnti-wrinkleHydratingAnti-puffiness category: Eye Cream



Lancôme HYDRA ZEN YEUX Eye Contour Gel Cream relieve stress and tiredness from your delicate eye area. it soothes dehydrated skin, smoothes and soften eye area. Enriched with multi-natural botanical extracts delivers totally natural stress-relief skincare, fight against environmental and emotional tension that causes puffiness and fatigue eye area. French rose and Peony bark extracts gives excellent calming and soothing action, enhancing the natural moisture barrier, your eyes are fuses with energy with reduced sign of tiredness.

how to use

Apply a small amount (size of a grain of rice) of eye cream to eye contour area. Gently massage with finger tips until absorbed. Use in the morning and evening.


  • 『French Rose, Peony Bark Extract』: Skin soothing properties.
  • 『White Jasmine extracts, Polar-microbial Polysaccharides』: Enhance skin’s natural defense mechanism
  • 『Moringa extract, Ophiopogon extract (Cohesium ®)』: Protect skin against environmental pollutants with purifying properties.