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product name: BSC BSC New Self Heating Fat-Dissolve Navel Emplastic(Permeation Through Heat & Magnetism) (7piece) item no.: 104617703001 brand: BSC
ative from: 2010-07-08 00:00:00 product size: 7 piece
function: Lymphatic CirculationWaistMetabolismFirming category: Stick-On Warmer



The new Navel Emplastic is a combination of technology and tradition.
The two work along to deliver triple slimming power and fat-dissolving results.

BSC New Self Heating Fat-Dissolve Navel Emplastic is a product developed by a group of experts specialized in herbs and body meridians. It is the result of years of clinical tests and researches. This new product comes with self-heating and magnetic microcurrent capabilities and the dosage of its effective ingredients has been increased by 300%. These features added up to deliver the high potency and thorough effects of the product.

Moreover, ingredients of the product consist of natural herbs and plants from Xiaoxinganling China as well as Far East regions of Russia where there is zero pollution. When being stuck around the navel, effective ingredients will swiftly enter into the blood circuits of the body through capillary tissues. The product effectively eliminates fat and slims the body. It can also reduce stomach bloat and improve bowel movements as well as other discomfort conditions. The product has been tested and certified by different means to ensure that it complies with international standards concerning heavy metals and microorganisms, and that it does not cause skin allergy but does perform well. It is especially suitable for people with excessive accumulated fat and constipation problems.

The Four Main Features of the New Self Heating Fat-Dissolve Navel Emplastic
1. The innovative microcurrent magnetic disc and the intelligent penetrating technology of the product help suppressing appetite, increasing energy consumption and promoting metabolism.
2. The product will be heat up by itself and hence promote the swift absorption of the ingredients.
3. Both the dosage of the medication as well as the area of the effective region are increased. Potency of the product is hence increased by 300%.
4. Improved formula is used so that the ointment will be softer and stain no more.

How Does It Work? Open the bag and remove the packing. Then stick the product onto the correct position. The product will then react as follows:

Step 1: It will first slowly generate a mild heat. Then the heat will, by coordinating with the natural ingredients in the product, encourage the permeation and absorption of the ingredients through skin and acupuncture points, resulting in the discharge of excessive fat.

Step 2: The magnetic disc, through magnetic effect, resonates with the bio-electromagnetic field of the human body. It generates a microcurrent and hence stimulates one’s nerve endings. Such is similar in effect to electro acupuncture which helps suppressing appetite, increasing energy consumption and promoting metabolism.

Step 3: Lastly, due to the special ingredients and formation of the product, excessive grease will be sucked and pulled onto the product through the acupuncture point. That means, the user can at the same time absorb the effective ingredients and get rid of his/her fat and grease.

how to use

Apply BSC New Self Heating Fat-Dissolve Navel Emplastic half an hour after supper. Use one emplastic each day for a consecutive of 16 hours or more. One course of treatment equals to using 28 pieces.

1) Remove the packing and the protective membrane of the product. Slightly shake the product for faster heat generation.
2) Stick the central part of the product (the part with ointment) to the navel.
3) Stabilize the plasters
4) Wear it for 2 to 3 hours before ripping it off.
5) Apply cream or anti-allergy product on the skin when necessary.

Caution: The plaster of this product is classified grade one in terms of not causing allergic reactions and is complied with both the FDA and international medical standards. Yet, some people are still more sensitive than others, thus using the product for too long is not recommended. We suggest using only 1 to 2 hours at the beginning. Moreover, remove the product gently and slowly to avoid wounding the skin. Only lengthen time of usage after you have used the product for 1 week and when you are certain that you are not allergic to it. Furthermore, apply appropriate amount of cream or antiseptic treatment cream after every use to relieve or prevent allergy problems.

  • This personal care product is to be used externally only and is not eatable.
  • The product is vacuum-packed. Do not open the packing before use to avoid loss of effectiveness.
  • The product may release high temperature for a long time. Use with care in bed to avoid burns.
  • In the event that you feel burns or stings when using the product, please gently remove the product and readjust the position. Be careful not to get burned. Aged and underage persons, as well as those who cannot take care of themselves, must use this product under supervision.
  • Not for expectant mothers. Use with extra care if you have any wound on skin or are allergic to the ingredients.
  • This product can only be used for one time. Please dispose of it properly.