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item no.: 104680502001
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specification: 180 ml
functions:Blackhead RemovingPore MinimizingAcne SoothingPeelingAcne Care


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product name: la glace VITE ACNE SERIES
Vite Acne Solutions Clarifiant Toner (180ml)
item no.: 104680502001 brand: la glace
ative from: 2010-10-05 00:00:00 product size: 180 ml
function: Blackhead RemovingPore MinimizingAcne SoothingPeelingAcne Care category: Comforting Toner



This fragrance and alcohol -free Vite Acne Solutions Clarifiant Toner works to balance and moisture skin. It complexes with multi active ingredients can stimulate the general metabolism, regenerate cells turnover, improves oil balance and prevent enlarged skin pores, restoring vitality, freshness to the skin.

Its antiseptique and moisturizing properties not only can lighten and restore clarity to the skin complexion, also helps to restore elasticity, and improves skin's suppleness and resiliency. Used regularly, it effectively improves rough skin, reduces oxidization and revives the skin's radiance, making the skin feel supple and refreshing.

how to use

Apply with a cotton pad onto face and neck after cleansing.


Avoid contact with eyes; keep out the reach of children. For external use only, if allergy occurs, stop using it immediately. Store it in a cool place.


Liquorice Extract, Chamomile Extract, Sage, Witch Hazel Extract, Yeast Extracts, Aloe Vera Extract, Lactic Acid, Rosemary extract, Lysine, Carboxymethyl, Cysteinate, Lysine, Thiazolidine, Carboxylate,

suitable for
combination skin / oily and acne skin

combination skin / oily and acne skin