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item no.: 104691606001
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specification: 150 ml


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product name: Shills Whitening Acne Care Body Spray (150ml) item no.: 104691606001 brand: Shills
ative from: 2010-10-29 00:00:00 product size: 150 ml country of origin: Taiwan
function: NourishingWhiteningHydrating category: Comforting Toner



Shills Whitening Acne Care Body Spray conditioning and softens skin cells, improves oil-prone skin, prevents acne formation and allows skin to appear smoother. Its unique acne-control essence reduces blackheads and acne, its antibacterial properties prevents acne from harming your skin further. It also enhance metabolism for whiter skin with minimized pores. It quickly restores skin's smoothness and brightness without leaving marks.

how to use

Shake well before use. Hold 10cm away from area to be sprayed. Spray directly on back, chest or underarms and especially on area with imperfections or excessive sebum. Can use as frequently as desired.


  • 『Licorice Extract』: Enhancing metabolism to remove old dead skin cells. Relieving skin discomfort by cleaning pores, reduce pore blockage and strengthen skin conditioning.
  • 『Aloe Vera』: It soothes and comfort skin while maintaining skin’s oil-water balance , preventing your back from dehydration.
  • 『Allantoin』: It gives oily skin a mild water-based moisturizing effect. preventive skin becomes rough due to dehydration. It helps maintain the skin smooth and moist, while minimizing pores.

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