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item no.: 104774702001
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specification: 50 g
functions:BrighteningNourishingConcealingHydratingOil ControlSPF30 or AboveWhitening


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product name: IsQueen Blemish Balm Ice-Cream SPF30 (50g) item no.: 104774702001 brand: IsQueen
ative from: 2010-09-10 00:00:00 product size: 50 g
function: BrighteningNourishingConcealingHydratingOil ControlSPF30 or AboveWhitening category: foundations



Isqueen Blemish Balm Ice-Cream SPF30 is a moisturizing makeup base that comes with sun protection. It is a 2 in1 BB cream which nourish and beautifies your skin: it gives excellent coverage to minimize pores and imperfection, brighten up skin tone, keep your skin hydrated and sooth fine lines. Its unique ice cream-like foundation mousse texture is formulated easy to cover naturally and evenly, it helps to create a long lasting matte finish skin with its flawless coverage. Skin feels comfortable with ample moisture, UV protected and cool after feel.

  • 【SPF30】 : Powerful sun block, prolonged protection against UVA & UVB.
  • 【Ultra-Fine Pearl Molecules】: Can correct and brighten dull complexion; effectively cover pores and skin imperfection, smooth out to create flawless nude skin
  • 【Ice Algae Extract】: Blend with the unique soft ice cream texture, increase skin softness and smoothness, deliver you a surprisingly refreshing touch

how to use

Apply a thin uniform even layer on your face 30 minutes before going out for better result.


  • 『Ice Algae Extracts』: Rich in minerals and vitamins, with powerful and effective skin calming properties, making pore invisible.
  • 『Emollient active ingredient & Multi-vitamin』: Maintain hydrophilic and lipophyllic balance, keep skin hydrated , thin skin is breathable without extra burden.