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item no.: 104777504010
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specification: 6 piece


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product name: Belle Madame Sponge Hair Curler (Heart) (6piece) item no.: 104777504010 brand: Belle Madame
ative from: 2010-12-19 00:00:00 product size: 6 piece
function: category: Comb



Belle Madame Sponge Hair Curler (Heart) can be used throughout the night without painful feeling. With the soft texture of the sponge, it does not harm hair. You will get a fabulous curly hair style the next morning without pulling or damaging hair. Also, the product is antimicrobial material, which is very easy to wash it.

how to use

Slightly damp hair and curl up from the bottom. Blow dries it. Then turn the both sides of the sponge in the opposite direction in order to steady the sponge.