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product name: SMARTFISH SMOOTH CREAMY DHA FISH OIL (28piece) item no.: 104875002001 brand: SMARTFISH
ative from: 2010-11-28 00:00:00 product size: 28 piece country of origin: Finland
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Children age 0-12 years old are the golden period for brain development. During this critical stage, parents must seize the opportunity to provide the best nutrient for their children. Fish oil contains Omega-3, DHA & EPA, which is made of deep-sea fatty fish, i.e. salmon, tuna and meckerel, etc. Omega-3, DHA & EPA have the benefits to improve brain, eyesight, learning, memory, concentration and control of temper. Meanwhile, it may also help to strengthen the health of immunity, trachea and heart. Normally, it is not easy to take this kind of fish in daily diet, hence the children may not have sufficient Omega-3 in-take. A perfect solution is to take fish oil products for Omega-3 supplements. With such a variety of choices in market, what would be the best way to choose? SmartFish Creamy Fish Oil has emerged to be the best choice. It is produced with Norwegian salmon, which is of high quality of absorbable fish oils. Its taste and presentation are well accepted by children and have gained the vote of confidence by parents:

  • 1. SmartFish is the only patented emulsified fish oil. The absorption of Omega-3 is 60% higher than Fish Oil capsules. It is easier to take in the form of small snacks, instead of swallowing medicinal type of capsules. Hence, it is recommended to younger children from one year old.

  • 2. Each sachet contains 600mg of Omega-3, 180mg of DHA, 160mg of EPA, which is sufficient for one-day dietary requirement of children
  • 3. The eating methods could be adapted to individual choice. By adding natural Lemon + Apricot flavor with creamy texture, it can be squeezed directly into mouth, or spread onto biscuits, bread or mixing with>
  • 4. SmartFish is manufactured in Finland under the international BRC requirements and certified by SGS Hong Kong to be free from heavy metals, melamine and harmful materials. The product complies with non-GMO genetic free production process with premium quality proven, without added sugar, colouring, yeast or gluten.。
  • 5. Aluminum foil packing is convenient for single-sachet consumption, effective to protect from light and oxygen, and to ensure proper hygiene as well as convenience.ul>

    SmartFish Tips:

    Many parents mixed up between Fish Liver Oil and Fish Oil. Fish Liver Oil is produced by Cod fish liver, which is supplemented with Vitamin A & D for bone and teeth growth, yet they should not exceed the recommended daily intake quantity, otherwise the accumulation inside body may affect proper growth. Fish Oil is extracted from deep-sea fatty fish, i.e. salmon, tuna and meckerel, etc., providing Omega-3 including DHA, EPA & DPA, etc. These essential fatty acids are valuable to the development of brain, eyesight and general health. The nutrient value for Fish Oil and Fish Liver Oil are totally different that should be considered separately.

how to use

Tear open a small opening on one side of the aluminum foil, squeeze the outer pack to eject the Creamy Fish Oil directly into the mouth, or put onto a teaspoon for delivery. They can also paste on the biscuits, breads, or mix with yogurt or ice-cream for swallowing.
- - One year old or above can take one sachet daily
- For individuals with learning difficulties can take 2-3 sachets daily


Packing: One box of 28-aluminum foiled sachets. Each sachet weighs 5gm, containing 600mg of Omega-3 (including 180mg of DHA, 160mg of EPA and 70mg of DPA)

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