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item no.: 104942802001
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specification: 2 piece
functions:DetoxAnti-water RetenionBodyLymphatic CirculationFirming


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product name: 2Max Super Fat Breaker Twin Set (2piece) item no.: 104942802001 brand: 2Max
ative from: 2011-03-16 00:00:00 product size: 2 piece
function: DetoxAnti-water RetenionBodyLymphatic CirculationFirming category: Slimming Tools



Double Attack, slim the whole body by latest technology - more worthy than using 3 old version fat breakers together!

I. Double Attack Bye Bye muscle - Patent technology, trim the fat fat arms
II. Double Attack the leg – from hip to ankle - Enact Botox Alternative product effects, extremely effective to reduce fat in the thigh and legs
III. Double Attach any part of all body, a 360* new angle to body part slimming - The double effect can reduce fat in Back, Waist, Belly, and even Hip!

3 Unique Competitive Advantages:

  • i) Latest Slimming Technology, Two points - Multi angle-round body slimming – Wow!
    The latest technological breakthrough lies in the history of fat breakers, as its unique technology and design has been awarded for patent in 8 countries. It is much better than merely drink and eat slimming products. For daily use, it will accelerate the effect of the slimming and beauty product that you are taking!

  • ii) Double Edge Fat Burn, Trim fat internal and external simultaneously – Wow!
    Its powerful result makes it be much more useful than slimming belt or any other slimming wearing. As 360* Fat Breaker with exclusive Radio Echo Effect, it can double attack the body fat internally and externally, reduce pounds, tighten skins, and trim fat fastly!!!

  • iii) Sold over million pieces in first three months, tip off America, Europe and Japan - Wow Wow Wow!
    Every office at least has one, and its popular around every corner of Las Vegas Casio changing room. The Real Effect Fat Breaker whose popularity keeps it's always in stock out. Don't lose any chance for buying it, act now!

World-Class Breakthrough Benefits:

  1. 6 Worldwide Patented Technologies – structure and design patterns in over 8 countries.

  2. Sold over 1,000,000 units in first 3months – tip off across Europe, America, Japan in first three months after it launched.

  3. Unique Double Edge – the only Fat Breaker in world with double heads. More than a fat breaker with Multiple Double effect, it is also the Fastest in getting the Maximum effortless result.


  4. A new angel to all angel – 360* round body design / Combo Power Through.

  5. All Rounded deliver system - breaks fat both External & Internal.
    i. External – Tingling Sensation by electronic pulses-stimulation extent from 1-10 intensity.
    ii. Internal – Through the double head’s Radiant Echo Effect break the true fat inside the body, the only machine that actives inner muscle action in between two heads.

  6. Powerful Complex Programs
    •Double Tightening – Fast Skin Tightening
    •Double Strengthening – Double Fat Burning
    •Double Building – Deep Detoxification
    •Double Muscle Development – Double Powerful Bodyline Shaping
    •Double Acupuncture & Massage – Relax and Relieving
    •Total Body Sculpture - Total Body Solution Treatment

how to use

1) Before using, install the Batteries Snap on the Electrode Pads to the Fat Breaker
2) Attach the adhesive pads
3) Attach the Electrode Pads to the desired Fat Burn Area of the Body
4) Massage Time: Maximum recommended massage time is 15 minutes per body part.

ON/UP & OFF/DOWN Buttons

  • ON/UP: Press ON/UP button to turn on and to increase the output simulation. Each pressing of the ON/UP button will increase the intensity of the stimulation by one level (1-10).
  • OFF/DOWN: Press OFF/DOWN button to turn off and to decrease the output stimulation. Each pressing of the OFF/DOWN button will decrease the intensity of stimulation by one level (1-10). 10 Levels in total.
  • The intensity of output stimulation 0-10 levels, the number “10” being the highest level of intensity.
  • Quick shut-off to shut off unit form any level, simply push the OFF/DOWN button and hold it down for 3 seconds – unit will automatically shut off after 3 seconds.