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product name: Police LONDON
Eau de toilette (75ml)
item no.: 104948506001 brand: Police
ative from: 2011-08-28 10:00:00 product size: 75 ml
function: category: Eau De Toilette (EDT)



The well-known Italian fashion brand POLICE has always been leading the trend in style. Its sun-glasses is surely one of the world's most famous products. In recent years POLICE has launched products like watches and personal accessories in order to bring more trendy-style products to the world. In 2010, by continuing its famous white and black contrast series, it has introduced the LONDON PURE fragrance for both men and women, in black and white bottle design respectively.

The famous trendy LONDON pattern is put on the bottle, which shows modern and uniqueness. It also has a new smell which brings natural, vitality and evergy to those in use.


Top note: lemon, peach, pear

Middle note: violet, jasmine, freesia

Base note: sandalwood, cedarwood, musk

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