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item no.: 104949201004
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product name: HANAMI Hair Brush Set (SB-9103) (2piece) item no.: 104949201004 brand: HANAMI
ative from: 2011-02-03 00:00:00 product size: 2 piece country of origin: Taiwan
function: category: Comb



HANAMI Hair Brush Set (SB-9103) contains:

  • 【Hair Brush (SB-9103)】(1 piece)

    HANAMI Hair Brush (SB-9103) is a hair brush with NY teeth. It curls the tip of hair. It cleanses, removes dandruffs, protects hair, moisturizes, massages, and aids in smooth styling, The dimensions are 250 mm (L) × 55 mm (W) × 45 mm (H).

    How to use: Comb hair for about 20 – 50 times a day.

  • 【Magic Foretop】(1 piece)

    HANAMI Magic Foretop is a substitute for hair pin. It can be applied to a fringe of hair of any length or volume, making facial cleansing, make-up application and styling easier. It will not destroy hairstyle after use.

    How to use: Simply stick the product to the hair.

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