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product name: BN Double Eyelid Tape (AFT-1) (Slim) (55pair(s)) item no.: 105066504005 brand: BN
ative from: 2011-11-11 00:00:00 product size: 55 pair(s) country of origin: Japan
function: category: Double Eyelid Tape



BN Double Eyelid Tape (AFT-1) (Slim) is a thin tape with one adhesive side. Resistant to water and sweat, it provides 1 day strong holding. The inconspicuous tape creates a beautiful and natural double-fold eyelid. Made of material for medical use, the tape is gentle to skin and is safe to use.

how to use

  1. First apply eye liner and eye shadow. Then use eyelash curler to clip eyelashes.
  2. Apply mascara on eyelashes, which will make false eyelashes stick on eyelashes more easily.
  3. Lightly bend the strip of false eyelashes and trim off excess from the outer edge after comparing with your eyes in the mirror.
  4. Apply eyelash glue on the base of the strip. Blow to semi-dry.
  5. Stick the false eyelashes on your eyes, starting from the middle to both ends. Gently press with your fingers to fix it.
  6. Use your eye liner to enhance the head and the end of your eyes.
  7. Apply mascara again, in order not to separate the true and the false eyelashes.
  8. Wait for 15 seconds to see whether the false eyelashes attach well.

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