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product name: 2B Alternative 2B Alternative Mask For Face Treatment Set (4pcX3box) item no.: 105108203001 brand: 2B Alternative
ative from: 2012-07-24 00:00:00 product size: 4pcX3 box
function: FaceFirmingFirming category: Paper Mask



2B Mask for Face – The first slimming mask in the world, for real.

The Best Supplement to 2B for Face essence : (Essence- Daily> Mask- weekly, powerful slimming enhancement) 2B Mask for Face is a breath taking gift from 2B Alternative, that is dedicated to all users of 2B for Face slimming essence. After applying the essence with daily usage, you only need to apply the mask once per week for facial corrective and reshape to satisfying effects. Because the mask has the unique 3D lock design that triple locks all slimming target point of the face, which activates these key facial points with fully absorption. Lifting effects are immediate, so facial contour is visibly firmer and tighter every point by point, every inch by inch. You can feel it , touch it and see it for the magical slimming effect .

Target: To cheek, jaw, chin and neck. Suitable for every specific facial area
*With the best patent-design, it fits tightly to all different shapes of face.

how to use

This set includes 3 boxes, each box consists of 4 pieces