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specification: 150 ml
functions:BodyLymphatic CirculationAnti-water RetenionFirming


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product name: Nuxe BODY
Body-contouring Serum Embedded Cellulite (150ml)
item no.: 105155605001 brand: Nuxe
ative from: 2011-12-08 00:00:00 product size: 150 ml
function: BodyLymphatic CirculationAnti-water RetenionFirming category: Slimming Lotion/Cream /Oil



NUXE Body-contouring Serum Embedded Cellulite is a scientific body-contouring innovation that provides triple contouring action to reduce the effect of embedded cellulite all over the body. Upon application, photo-corrective pigments have an instant smoothing effect on the surface of the skin. Benefits: Visibly reduces the appearance of orange-peel skin. Caffeine helps to decompose fat cells. Micro-Algae helps to stimulate fat burning. Formula is paraben free with 94% of the ingredients from natural origins.

how to use

After taking a bath or shower, apply it on the certain parts of your body (where it is in need). It is recommended that the product should be used more frequently, at 1-2 times every day at the beginning, then 2-3 times a week.


  • Glycerin : soften and replenish your skin
  • Photo-Corrective Pigment : smooth the skin surface
  • Micro algae: promote fat burning
  • Cocoa Polyphenols: decompose stubborn fat and slow down the regeneration of fat

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