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item no.: 105156506001
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specification: 1 piece
functions:Blemish ScarsNourishingHydrating Pore Minimizing


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product name: sasatinnie BEAUTY CARE
Detoxifying Oil Control Face Mask (1piece)
item no.: 105156506001 brand: sasatinnie
ative from: 2011-08-29 00:00:00 product size: 1 piece country of origin: Korea
function: Blemish ScarsNourishingHydrating Pore Minimizing category: Paper Mask



Sasatinnie Detoxifying Oil Control Face Mask is specially formulated with natural clay, citric acid, tea tree, green tea and caffeine extracts, this face mask helps to lift impurities gently and balance oil and moisture level. Effectively reduces the size and appearance of existing blemishes, it detoxifies and soothes skin without irritation. Containing hyaluronic acid collagen, it provides intensive moisture and anti-oxidation effect. Leaves skin soft, smooth and radiant.

how to use

Apply the mask sheet onto the face after cleansing. Leave it in place for 15-20 minutes. Remove mask sheet and pat skin with fingertips gently to ensure full absorption. Suggest using 1-2 times a week.


  • 【natural clay】
  • 【citric acid】
  • 【tea tree extracts】
  • 【green tea extracts】
  • 【caffeine extracts】

country of origin


suitable for
oily and acne skin / combination skin

oily and acne skin / combination skin