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item no.: 105318902001
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product name: NOBLE Heel Scraper (1piece) item no.: 105318902001 brand: NOBLE
ative from: 2012-02-29 00:00:00 product size: 1 piece country of origin: Japan
function: category: Foot Scrub



Noble Heel Scraper is a tool to remove the foot cuticle that stored in the foot for a long time. The sole of the foot become smoother and can avoid the disturbance of cuticle. Heel Scraper can bring extra care to the exhausted foot. It attaches with a protective case to keep safe.

how to use

  1. Scrap with the heel scraper from the front to the back in the sole of the foot that have cuticle.
  2. Repeat the move until it removes the cuticle.
  3. Message with lotion afterwards to moisturize the feet

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