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item no.: 105326102002
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specification: 1 piece


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product name: BN Eyelash Glue(Clear) (1piece) item no.: 105326102002 brand: BN
ative from: 2011-11-08 00:00:00 product size: 1 piece country of origin: Japan
function: category: False Lashes  Glue



BN Eyelash Glue (Clear) is exclusively designed for the BN False Eyelash Series. It is a perfect eyelash glue with a well-designed body which is easily portable. Due to its water-proof feature, it ensures a persistent stronghold of your false eyelash to keep your charm a whole day long. It is highly recommended by the prestigious magazine, EGG and presented by the Japanese Star Rumi.

how to use

  • 【How to use】
    1. Wipe dirt and sebum off the eyelids before use.
    2. Remove the surface blank paper and, starting from one end of the tape, carefully take out one piece of eyelid tape with the stick included.
    3. Cut any excess off.
    4. Using the stick included, stick the eyelid tape on the eyelid and gently press for a double eyelid line with ideal curve and position.
  • 【How to remove】
    1. Cover the eyelid with a cotton pad soaked by water.
    2. When the moistened eyelid tape becomes easy to remove, gently and slowly peel it off, starting from the outer corner of the eye.
    3. Condition skin with toner.

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